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My experience is very diversified. It goes back to high school as a member of the Award Winning North Mesquite Pacesetter Drill Team where I was # 8 in the top ten, and won awards for Best Dancer & High Kicker. I studied jazz and ballet under Texie Waterman (Original Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Choreographer). From there I was a professional dancer in the Xenon Dance Group performing in Dallas. I also worked at a women's health club which is probably what spurred my interest in fitness. In North Carolina I taught exercise classes, and children's Tap, Ballet, Jazz at YMCA & YWCA. I also performed with The Showtime Dancers thru the YWCA and was a Dancer for the Wilmington Civic Ballet. Once back in Texas I was on the Dallas Sidekicks Dance Team. Followed by more teaching at Bally's and Premier Athletic Club where I instructed Aerobics, Step, Cardio Kick Boxing, Treadmill class, Pre-Natal, and Chisel weight lifting classes. For fun I've done several 5K runs, and a Hotter than Hell bike race. My husband and I opened a Snap Fitness Gym in Celina for a few years where I managed. I have also played women's competitive Tennis in TCD. So you see, Dancing and exercise have been part of my life for a long time. Let me share my love for it with you!


CPR/AED Training updated 10/19/22          

Why me?

Some Personal Trainers like to show you what great shape they are in or how hard they can work you. Then what happens? You actually feel unsuccessful, you get discouraged and lose your drive to keep it up. At A Body in Motion Stays in Motion, I believe the goal is to get my clients motivated and moving by doing things you like to do that will make you successful. I will design a program perfect for you and push you the perfect amount to keep you engaged & focused without losing you!

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