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Get In Shape

Being Healthy and Feeling good are the keys to a Happy Life. It does not happen by reading or talking about it. It takes ACTION! Let me help you by adding the consistency and discipline necessary for success. Feeling good is vital to our happiness and I want you to feel Fabulous! Together we can make it happen.


I recommend 150 minutes weekly. Most plans will include cardio, body weight/weights, and flexibility. Each program will be designed around what you LIKE to do the most i.e. running, biking, swimming, dancing, jump rope, kick boxing, etc. Weights/resistance will be adjusted to your level. Weights/resistance are important for strength, sculpting, and weight loss. Core and flexibility will be in all programs to aid in recovery, injury prevention and agility for functioning in real life. Formats can vary.


Above ar​e 1 hour sessions


 12 SESSIONS $420

(great for beginners!)


* No expiration date on packages

* Nonrefundable

* Cancellations or reschedules required 24 hours in advance or charged for session. Applies to appointments made within 24 hours as well.

* Sessions can be done at my home (when available), your home or a common area, parks, etc. I will be creative & use the outdoors when weather is favorable.


Pkg of 4 purchased=1 free session

Pkg of 8 purchased=2 free sessions

Pkg of 12 purchased=3 free sessions

No​w offerin​g Health Coaching add-on to Training packages:

What you get:

  • 1 weekly e-mail consisting of recipes, information or educational material.
  • 3 weekly texts consisting of encouragement or reminders.
  • 1 scheduled 15 minute monthly video chat or phone call.  Topic of your choice. 
Cost $29 per month as an add-on for current clients. 
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